Is your child moping around the house, whining,

making messes,

even tired of video games

by this time of their summer break?

Summer break is long. And let's face it, it's hot out there! Occasionally you might get out to a trampoline park or the pool, or you might have even been able to take a vacation, but those fun activities don't last forever and there is A LOT of time to fill in between.

To All the Exhausted Parents Who Know Their Child Needs More, But Who Have No Idea What To Do With Them…

We Have A Solution!


Wait a minute! Did that say I get ALL those classes

for ONLY $47 a month?!?!

Yes, it did! AND they are on demand classes. Your child can watch them, and participate in the activities, any time, anywhere!

I'm Passionate About Engaging Children in Fun, Hands On Activities!

Hi! I'm Miss Paula! Since I was a little girl I have enjoyed teaching children. I started my babysitting service at the age of nine, and since then I have been a Sunday School teacher, Children’s Pastor, and a homeschooling mom for 30+ years.

I have an associate's degree in digital marketing, but teaching is where my heart is so even with all that childcare and education experience, a few month ago I decided to pursue an associate's degree in early childhood education. I am now only one semester away from being a certified childhood education teacher. (After that I plan to continue my education with a bachelors in theology, a masters in Christian counseling, and a doctorate in Christian education!)

Over the years I have developed a great love for teaching children and for the United States of America. I love watching children as they grasp the concepts of reading and math, and I love teaching them the songs, symbols, landmarks, and heroes that show them all about what a great nation America is. So I started Red White and Blue Academy Online.

Recently I partnered with several wonderful ladies who love to teach too. That is where the I'm Not Bored Anymore Class Bundle came from. Your child can learn and practice a variety of skills all while having fun! And, as an added bonus, they won't be bored anymore!

Who are these talented teachers?

And what classes are in our

I'm Not Bored Anymore Class Bundle?

Circle Time with Miss Bethany

- Certified elementary teacher- Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education

- 7 years of experience teaching preschool through 2nd grade

Miss Bethany also does our Dance Party Class and Cooking with Baby Silas Class!

Music & Movement

with Miss Brenda

- Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education

- 25 years of experience teaching music and preschool

Faith-Based Preschool with Miss Ali

- Bachelor’s degree in Preschool and Elementary Education

- 16 years of experience teaching preschool

Art Class with Miss Taimi

- Currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education

- 20 years of experience teaching children

Spanish Class with Miss Ana

- CEO of Spanish Play Dates

- 13 years of experience teaching Spanish to children

Your Child Will Love Everything About These Wonderful Classes! They Will:

Get Excited to Learn (and Play Along) Every Day!

Each day, they’ll stay engaged with all our interactive, hands-on activities, songs, arts and crafts, movement games, and so much more!

Have Fun and Stay Engaged While Learning!

Our teachers will spark your child’s creativity in such a fun way that your child will develop an endless love of learning and will never be bored during class.

Thrive with a Consistent Schedule!

Our classes will never shut down because of illness, so your child will have access to their classes every single day.

Your Child Will Develop ALL the Skills Needed for Success!

In our online classes, we teach all the skills below in an engaging, hands-on way!

Here's Everything You'll Get With Our


And Because We Always Overdeliver...




Got Questions?


Do parents have to be present?

No. You do, however, need to log your child into the online classroom, and

if they want to participate in the activities help them get their supplies set up at the start of each class, but then you can either stay or do other things you need to do.

Do I have to buy any extra supplies?

No. Your child will have fun and learn from simply watching the lessons, but if they want to participate in the activities they will need some simple supplies, most of which can be found around your home.

Are the classes easy to access?

Yes. You can easily access our online classes from your member's area which you can access on any device that has internet.

How often are the classes available?

Each class will be delivered on its own schedule, between 1-3 times a week, depending on the class. You will have access to all the classes you have already received as long as you are a subscriber to the I'm Not Bored Anymore Class Bundle.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Just let us know at and we will assist you with that process.

What if there is a class I don't want, Can I cancel just that class?

Of course! If you want to cancel just one course or a few classes contact us at and we will take care of that for you. Keep in mind, though, that the monthly price is for the entire bundle and will not change.

What if I miss a class?

If your child isn't able to make it to class one day, that's okay! The pre-recorded classes will be available to you as long as you are a subscriber so you can watch them anytime.

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© Red White and Blue Academy

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